Gõ máy thuê uy tín

Các món ăn với trứng trong tiếng Anh

I love eating eggs. Do you also love eating eggs like me? Yes? Good, keep in mind these words so that you can order your favorite eggs when you are in a restaurant.

Boiled egg: trứng luộc
I like my boiled eggs not too soft and not too hard.

Fried egg: trứng ốp
Do you fancy a fried egg for breakfast?

Scrambled egg: trứng rán
He always has scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast.

Yolk: Lòng đỏ trứng
To make meringues, you need to separate the yolks from the whites of 6 eggs and use only the whites.

Runny (adj): chưa chín kỹ
Tim thought the eggs were a little bit runny.

Dry (adj): chín kỹ
How do you like your eggs - dry or runny?

Sunny side up: Ốp la (Chỉ rán một mặt trứng)
Here are your eggs - sunny side up.