Gõ máy thuê uy tín

Phrasal Verbs with GET

Chúng ta cùng ghi nhớ những thành ngữ đi với GET nhé!

1. Get ahead: tiến bộ, vượt qua những người khác
Eg: In this exam, he got ahead of all the students in his class

2. Get along: có quan hệ tốt với ai
Eg: I usually get along great with my little brother. We are good friends even though he is much younger than me.

3. Get away: thoát khỏi, trốn thoát:
Eg: Two prisoners tried to get away from jail last night. The police caught them after 2 hour

4. Get on/ off: lên xe, xuống xe
Eg: There is my house over there, at the corner of this street. Do you see it? I have to get off the bus now.

5. Get over: vượt qua
You must find a way to get over in life. You can't be a waiter all your life.

6. Get up: ngủ dạy
Eg: I'm so happy there's no school tomorrow. I can stay in bed for as long as I like and get up at noon.

7. Get by:
I took your computer to the lab. They are trying to fix it. You will have to get by without it for a few days.

8. Get in: tiến vào
Eg: The train will get in this flatform in 5 minutes. Please wait behind the yellow line.