Gõ máy thuê uy tín

Một số câu viết lại câu và lời giải mẫu.

I might decide to record that film on video. (of) I am thinking of recording that film on video.
What are your plans for this weekend? (to) What are you going to do this weekend?
She told me, ‘It’s not necessary for you to book in advance.’ (have) She told me,’You don't have to book in advance.’
‘This camera is not mine,’ he said. (belong) ‘This camera doesn't belong to me,’ he said.
The careers officer advised me not to become an actor. (you) ‘If I were you, I wouldn't become an actor,’ the careers officer said.
I haven’t been to the cinema since March. (last) The last time I went to the cinema was March.

What is the pronunciation of this word? (you) How do you prononounce this word?
You must follow the instructions exactly. (be) The instructions must be followed exactly.
It’s my responsibility to check the tickets. (for) I am responsible for checking the tickets.
‘Do historical novels interest you?’ he asked Jenny. (was) He asked Jenny if she was interesting In historical novels.
The price of the ticket includes refreshments in the interval. (are) Refreshments in the interval are included in the price of the ticket.
My sister would rather not go to the party with us. (feel) My sister doesn't feel like going to the party with us.
John always puts 100% effort into his work. (hard) John always works as hard as he can.
What subject did you like best at school? (favourite) What was your favourite subject at school?
How much did that copy of the World Atlas cost you? (price) What was the price of your copy of the World Atlas?
Paul likes to do his homework in bed. (enjoys) Paul enjoys doing is homework in bed.
You are not allowed to use mobile phones in school. (prohibited) The use of mobile phones is prohibited in school.
Tanya has repeatedly borrowed Phil’s book without asking. (keeps) Tanya keeps on borrowing Philip's book without asking.
Sally remembers the first time she went to school very clearly. (going) Sally clearly remembers her going to school for the first time.
Melanie doesn’t often hand her homework in on time. (rarely) Melanie rarely hands her homework in on time.
Learning poetry by heart seems pointless to me. (point) I can’t see the point in learning poetry by heart.
Graham hasn’t looked at his old schoolbooks for years. (since) It’s been ages since Graham looked at his old schoolbooks.
I decided not to revise for my exam now, but to do it the night before. (put) I decided to put {?} for my exam until the night before.
Angela found her Chemistry lessons difficult to understand. (difficulty) Angela had difficulty understanding her Chemistry lessons.
Tom did not study hard at school and now he regrets it. (not) Tom did not study {}at school.
You must do exactly what your teacher tells you. (carry) You must curry out your teacher's instructions exactly.
It’s more than a year since I joined the video club. (member) I have been a member of the video club for more than a year.
Darren couldn’t complete the trip to the Pole because he wasn’t well enough. (too) Darren was too ill to complete the trip to the Pole.
At the end of the book, the heroine marries the hero, Jack. (name) At the end of the book , the heroine marries the hero, whose name is Jack.
Which part of the course interested you most? (the) Which was the most interesting part of your course?
You should wait for an invitation before visiting your teacher’s house. (without) You shouldn’t visit your teacher’s house without being invited.
The guide gave us permission to take photos in the museum. (let) The guide let us take photos in the museum.
Graham’s brother’s bedroom ………………………..as Graham’s. - error
Jane was still singing the song when the lights went out. (finished) Jane hadn't finished singing the song when the lights went out.
It’s pointless to wait any longer. (use) It’s no use waiting any longer.
This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen. (more) I have never seen more beautiful house than this one.
I think John will definitely win the competition. (bound) John is bound to win the competition.
The band is just going to start playing. (about) The band is about playing.
A well-known actor will probably play the hero in the film. (likely) A well-known actor is likely to play the hero in the film.
We’ve arranged to meet outside the cinema. (going) We are going to meet outside the cinema.
I lose things all the time, which is really irritating! (am) Iam losing things all the time, which is really irritating!
The concert should start at 8.30p.m., according to the schedule. (due) The concert is due to start at 8.30p.m.
We probably won’t finish our work until tomorrow. (unlikely) We are unlikely to finsish our work until tomorrow.
I’m sure they will enjoy the concert. (bound) They are bound to enjoythe concert.
The film is unlikely to be a success. (probably) The film will probably not be the a success.
You are bound to get seats if you book in advance. (certainly) You will certainly get seats if you book in advance.
The actress began working in television in 1999. (been) The actress has been working in television since 1999.
How long have you been training to be a dancer? (start) When did you start training to be a dancer?
The play only started a couple of minutes ago so we haven’t missed much. (just) The play has just sturted so we haven’t missed much.
The ballet company are just finishing a six-month tour. (for) The ballet company has been touring(?) for six months.
The actors started rehearsing two months ago. (been) The actors has been rehearsing for two months.
It’s almost a year since I last went to the cinema. (to) Ihaven't been to the cinema for almost a year.
I have never seen such a terrible film before. (ever) This is the worst film I have ever seen.
The theatre first became important in ancient times. (since) The theatre hasn't been important since ancient times.
During the journey to Australia, they saw many uninhabited islands. (while) They saw many uninhabited islands while visiting Australia.
She was excited because it was her first trip to Africa. (never) She was excited because she has never been to Africa before.
Their flight was ten hours long, so they were exhausted when they arrived. (for) When they arrived, they were exhausted because they had been fliying for ten hours.
When the sky became dark, the explorers hadn’t yet climbed the mountain. (still) The sky became dark while the explorers were still climbing the mountain.
He saw many temples during his job in India. (while) He saw many temples while being in (TO?)India.
I haven’t been to France since I was a child. (when) I last was in France when I was a child.
They haven’t traveled abroad for ages. (since) It’s ages since I traveled abroad.
Will you please send me further details? (grateful) I would be frateful if you send me further details.
When should I arrive? (tell) Could you tell me when I should arrive?
Do I need insurance? (wonder) I wonder if I need insurance.
Is there cheap transport from the airport? (know) I would like to know if there is cheap transport from the airport.
Would it be possible to leave a day early? (ask) I am ringing to ask if it would be possible to leave a day early.
When do I have to pay for the course? (let) Could you let me know if I have to pay for the course.
He rang to ask how I was , which was nice. (him) It was nice of him to ask how I was.
If you work hard, you will get to university. (long) You will get to university as long as you work hard.
You’ll miss the bus if you don’t hurry up. (unless) You’ll miss the bus unless you hurry up.
I haven’t got enough money to pay for my ticket. (more) If I had more money, I could pay for my ticket.
Bring a jacket to the barbecue because it might rain. (case) Bring a jacket to the barbecue in case it rains.

- to learn by heart: (6 chapiter, page 80)

NO ONE BELIEVED the accused's explanations about the illegal merchandise during the trial.
The accused's explanations about the illegal merchandise DIDN'T RING TRUE TO ANYONE during the trial.

Tom DECEIVED Sally when he married her as he already had a wife.
Tom married Sally UNDER FALSE PRETENCES as he already had a wife.

Buying poorer quality products at lower prices is not FINANCIALLY SENSIBLE.
It is A FALSE ECONOMY to buy poorer quality products at lower prices.

plod=walk slowly with heavy steps
stagger= walk in an unsteady way
stumble= almost fall over
gaze= look steadily at
glance=look quickly then look away
limp=take a long jump over sth
crawl=move on your hands and knees
march=walk in formation in a parade
creep= walk silently and slowly

I remember being very SELF-CONSCIUS ABOUT my appearance when I was young.
If you want to succed in your life, you need to be COMMITTED TO everything you do.
He seems to be LOST IN a world of his own nowadays.
Despite being understably APPREHENSIVE ABOUT her interview, it went off very well.
The team was EXCITED AT the thought of meeting their opponents in the Cup Final.

-I've no idea but I can find it right away.
-It's no surprise to me, he doesn't know his left from his right.
-I was completely in right and I intend to make an official complaint.
-Wel, for a start , he's got two left feet.
-Only some leftovers from last night's supper, I'm afraid.
-By rights I shouldn't have to work weekends at all, but I'm covering for a collegue. (=I'm standing in for my collegue.)

...led to...
...resulted in...
...was (directly) responsible for...
...had an effect on...
...was the source of...

-interesting collocations:
-soaps come in for a lot of criticism
-it attracts so many ardent viewers
-after being left on tenterhooks
-fans have no option but to tune in again next time
-although many people sneer at soaps
-the secret of their success may lay in (the fact that...)
-remaining detached from their trials and tribulations
-many of these provide opportunities for the public to gain 'hands-on' experience under your guidance
-x is a regular participant (in television programmes)
-per annum
-magnificiently resilient
-practically indestructible
-lither spacies of creature
-go extinct
-one curiosity of.. is that...
-was plunging into
-the glorious wheather
-tracing of family ancestries
-it can be a pleasantly addictive hobby
-a professional undertaking
-it involves putting flesh on..
-rarely profitable
-x will prove invaluable too
-(don't) put all your faith into

-to claim descent from royalty