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Piece remains the first rank of best-selling manga series

In 2015, Once Piece remains the first rank of best-selling manga series with output of more than 14 million volumes. However, the outstanding success of this “Comics King” cannot efface strong emergence of other notable manga series.

Emerging as a phenomenon in the end of 2015, anime series of Attack on Titan collect many successes beyond imagination. Then, the work keeps being reprinted and surpasses output volumes of One Piece in 2013 and 2014.

In 2015, the fifteenth episode of Attack on Titan reaches publishing threshold up to more than 2 million volumes – an enviable figure for other manga series. In spite of being far less than the quantity of 3.1 million of the 76th episode of Once Piece, this figure also contributes to reflect a large number of fans of Attack on Titan. As a result, in the future, it is possible to hope that such comics can catch up with popularity of the Comics King.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re, a subsequent episode of Tokyo Ghoul, is making gradually strong impression on readers in Japan. To be set up on the basis of a fictional plot, spooky and horror details about ghouls, Tokyo Ghoul: Re is monopolizing manga market step by step with more than 1 million output volumes of the first episode.

For the new manga series as Tokyo Ghoul: Re, surpassing the publishing threshold of 1 million volumes is considered as a big success. This also displays that Tokyo Ghoul: Re is paid increasing attention by market and fans in spite of publication of the first episodes.

In spite of without high evaluations in comparison with One Piece, Assassination Classroom with story of a monstrous alien teacher always becomes irreplaceable to readers.
To explain sudden increase of selling sales of nearly 1 million volumes for Assassination Classroom episode 13, it is suggested that thanks to termination of Naruto, a large number of fan turns to invest their money in possessing other favorable manga series.