Gõ máy thuê uy tín

Distinct and great teachers in famous anime series

It is very lucky for Naruto to become student of excellent teachers such as Iruka, Kakashi and Jiraiya. Difference from seriousness of Mr. Iruka or quietness of Mr. Kakashi, Toad Sage Jiraiya – a womanizer is very promiscuous.

However, it is impossible to refuse his greatest assistance in Naruto’s maturity. In addition to transmission of ninjutsu, Jiraiya is a role model of impartiality, integrity and sacrifice for everyone. Besides, he also puts his faith in and supports Naruto’s ideal “Follow the heart”.

Korosensei has the appearance of an octopus with diversity of outstanding competence. “Teacher” can move at 20 times speed of sound. After carving out a large chunk of the moon, Korosensei desires to become a teacher for class 3E to transmit his destroying skills.

Although Korosensei keeps saying about destruction of Earth, he is a very whole-hearted and enthusiastic teacher. All students obtain memorable experience in class 3E with carelessness, wittiness and a little bit of strangeness of this teacher. One of Koroensei’s contributions is the fact that he is able to connect class members to each other and make them more mature.

Kame Roshi is the first master of Son Goku and the first character to wield the famous trademark Kamehameha. Moreover, Turtle Hermit teaches their trainees humility, none-stop learning and careful inspection of everything.

Turtle Hermit really loves to make humorous sexual advances on any beautiful woman he can get close enough to and read adult magazines. The Master is a humorous, sensible and kind-hearted person who loves everyone around him. This is a key factor makes him become a “desirable trainer” of Seven Dragon Balls’ fans.

Shouyou is the master of Gintoki and his two childhood friends. Addition to his teaching, Yoshida adopts and brings up these 3 children, in their opinion, he is always is a godfather and benefactor created the 2nd life for them.

With graceful and elegant appearance and smile on the lips, Shouyou possesses tactics to educate these naughty boys. The master’s seriousness and warm heart help them be in further maturity and effort to live and pursue their philosophy of life.

“OnePunch-Man” – superhero defeats all enemies stands opportunity to act as a master when Genos robot clings permanently to him in purpose of actualizing its dream of the best man.

Actually, Saitaman fails to give his student an organized lesson because his own strength is the result of hard practice. However, via each noble action, good deed without self-interest of Saitama, Genos is approaching true moral values of a hero.